Below is a collection of useful croquet links and resources from around the internet.


Croquet Scores

The one-stop shop for results and scores from tournaments around the world. It is used to report on any tournament, from local club championships to WCF world championships. Developed and maintained by Tim Murphy of Australia.


Croquet Records

Home of both the official croquet world rankings and the interactive rankings. As well as rankings, also holds detailed records of historical events and past champions, and game records and statistics for all players in the ranking system. Developed and maintained by Chris Williams of the UK.


Oxford Croquet

An absolutely vast repository of croquet knowledge and technical articles built over many years, maintained by Ian Plummer of the UK.

Governing Bodies

Most national croquet associations have their own webpages, and some provide very useful resources for learning in addition.


There are a huge number of useful resources on YouTube.

Ed Wilson & Greg Fletcher's channel has some excellent association croquet coaching videos related to things like break play, as well as some more light-hearted contributions.

Chris Clarke's channel has hundreds of fascinating videos from events over the years as well as some useful coaching material.

Duncan Hector's channel has an array of quality videos of association croquet. His hour-long video of Reg Bamford describing his mental approach to croquet is one of the most useful and interesting croquet videos on YouTube.

Russ Dilley's channel has a good selection of both Association Croquet and US Rules Croquet videos from USA.

Croquet New Zealand also has a YouTube channel with some interesting videos.

Croquet England's channel is worth checking out too.


Humorous croquet pages on Facebook include:

Mallets and Equipment

A non-exhaustive list of some well-known mallet manufacturers

Dave Trimmer Mallets

UK manufacturer of cutting edge carbon fibre mallets. Some of the most highly-regarded mallets on the market and used by a high number of top players

Terminator Mallets

Carbon fibre mallets made by Mike McClure of New Zealand. Reasonably priced mallets with huge popularity within New Zealand

Percival Mallets

Mike Percival, UK manufacturer of high-quality wooden and more recently aluminium mallets

George Wood Mallets

NZ manufacturer of high-quality wooden and carbon fibre mallets. Also manufactures other croquet equipment - hoops etc.

DB Mallets

UK manufacturer of high-quality mallets with solid composite heads, available in several different configurations.